Cyber Security that won’t make you cry.

Let us help protect your data.

You can think of Netability’s approach to cyber security like peeling an onion. We peel each layer meticulously and strategically to avoid any tears shed along the way.

Cyberthreats such as ransomware, malware, and phishing schemes are growing in normality across public and private sectors. Are you taking necessary steps to protect your business?

Peeling an onion without crying takes skill. We approach cyber security with these 7 layers of protection.

7 Layers of Cybersecurity

1. Human (User Security Awareness Training, Email Security)
2. Perimeter (Firewall & MFA)
3. Network (Vulnerability Management, SIEM)
4. Endpoint (DNS, NGAV, Breach Detection & EDR)
5. Application (Patching)
6. Data (Encryption)
7. Mission Critical (Cloud Backups)

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