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Managed services are recurring IT services that include 24/7 access to tools and IT professionals to keep your business running at peak performance. A Managed services package includes backups, cybersecurity tools, training, patching, network management, and customized pieces that work together to keep your company’s technology performing efficiently and securely.

The cost of managed services varies depending on the size of your organization and according to your needs – including regulations surrounding technology in your industry. We offer three different plan options with a per user cost to keep your expenses manageable and easy to budget. Managed Services are much more cost effective than having your own in-house IT team.

Managed IT services are continuous services, and that means less down time for you. We work constantly to make sure your machines are running the way they are supposed to, and we correct problems before they can impact you and your employees. It also means our staff of IT professionals has a technology “map” of your business, so if problems arise we can get it fixed faster.

Technology today has become an integral part of business. Outages and downtime can cost your company a fortune, and new cyber threats are showing up every day. Managed IT keeps your business secure and running efficiently. Our managed services plan also includes planning and budgeting for the future – essential pieces as technology continues to advance.

Break/fix is what it sounds like – you wait for technology to break, and then ask techs to fix it. You pay for the time it takes a technician to remedy the problem. At first glance, it may appear to be more cost effective than managed services, but there are many hidden costs. Break/fix doesn’t include the tools and services that keep your machines running efficiently and securely. For that reason, break/fix clients experience more downtime which is potential revenue and lost wages. Troubleshooting your problem can take longer since it’s unlikely your provider will have an up-to-date technology map of your business. That’s additional downtime, additional lost revenue, and additional lost wages. A break/fix plan can also leave you vulnerable to ransomware attacks, malware, viruses, and other cyberthreats. Today’s technology requires constant monitoring and preventative care – that’s what managed services can provide for you.

Managed services are recurring services that constantly work to keep your business running efficiently. Consulting is a one-time service to upgrade or somehow improve your existing technology infrastructure. The services can work in conjunction or separately. Maybe your daily IT needs are met by an internal staff, but they just don’t have the time or knowledge needed to kick off a big project. Our team can work with you and your staff to make a plan that minimizes your down time and gets you the technology you need to run your business. Maybe you’re unhappy with your current technology set up, but you just don’t know the next best steps. Consulting can get you the answers you need, and plan to revitalize your environment.